Academic Program

Paddington School has an excellent academic and fine arts program for 3, 4, and 5 year olds that is based in part on the British school system, Early Years Foundation, and is designed to inspire, stimulate, excite and challenge your children. Added to this is our core curriculum which was designed by Dr. E.D. Hirsch, Jr. and the Core Knowledge Foundation. After extensive research into cognitive psychology and the successful education systems of the world’s most effective schools, the Core Knowledge Sequence was created. This set of model guidelines describes fundamental competencies with a detailed outline of the specific content to be taught in:

Language Arts Reading Zoo Phonics
Writing Social Studies  Math Science
Geography French and Spanish Languages
Science Lab Computer Lab Library

The core of our school’s curriculum is designed to provide “access to the best knowledge available” and will build a solid and coherent foundation for learning during the early years when children are most receptive.

Our Baby Bunnies have a loving, nurturing and stimulating environment designed specifically for the developing 12–23 month old child. We have a toddler curriculum that will inspire their young developing minds, and will also include some Baby Einstein, Baby Van Gogh, Baby Mozart and Baby Shakespeare. We use age-appropriate toys, games and manipulatives.

Bubble time, art, nursery rhymes, lullabies and classical music also help to promote the development of basic skills and appeal to your little one’s sense of pleasure, well-being and freedom of expression. Your children will enjoy their own private playground, along with walks in our multi-stroller while learning about nature!

This is often the first time a child is part of a classroom environment or is interacting with a group of children. Through a variety of activities and play, we emphasize the importance of sharing toys, playing together, waiting turns, listening and following simple directions. The children work with movement and music, practice basic etiquette and learn social skills.

Our curriculum explores an exciting new theme each month using flannel boards, puppets, fingerplays, songs, nursery rhymes and stories to introduce numbers, colors, shapes and the many different aspects of the theme. The children also enjoy many hands-on activities, including arts and crafts, Play-Doh, scissor practice, simple science experiments and working with an array of manipulatives that reinforce what they are learning.