Discovery Garden

Japanese Zen Masters have cultivated gardens of harmoniously arranged rocks and white sand for centuries. A Zen Garden can create a feeling of tranquility and calm. It encourages the children to create and play with the rocks and reflect their feelings through the designs and patterns they rake in the sand. Our Zen Garden can be the beginning of a lifelong adventure of seeing things in a new way.

A Labyrinth is a winding path meandering its way to a center point. Its purpose is to take one on a journey inward. It is a calming experience for the body and mind. When you reach the center, the body is more relaxed and the mind may have stopped its chattering! There are many benefits to walking a Labyrinth; it inspires creativity, increases focus and concentration, relieves stress, and develops inner peace.

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Mr. McGregor, Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit have come together to create a vegetable, fruit garden and greenhouse for your children. What a wonderful way to introduce your child to the wonders of the outdoors and gardening!. They will be fascinated to see the cause and effect of planting a seed that grows into a flower or something we eat! Though Peter Rabbit is not allowed into Mr. McGregor’s Garden, the children often find his blue jacket or shoes among the flowers!

Benjamin Bunny

Peter Rabbit

We are situated on three acres of lush gardens filled with exciting adventures and areas for your child to discover the wonders of nature and the beauty of the world around them. This is another wonderful way to introduce your children to the joy of learning. . . this time outside!

Each class has an outdoor study area; for added excitement your children will also be exposed to the magic of the garden and will watch in awe as the hummingbirds and exotic butterflies come visit our Butterfly Garden!

Our nature walks are all about collecting some fascinating items from the gardens and analyzing all our findings with magnifying glasses in the Discovery Garden. Helping to feed Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit, our live bunnies, is also a lot of fun! Plant and grow in Mr. McGregor’s Garden, then calm the mind with a visit to the Zen Garden and a walk through the Labyrinth!