Fine Arts Program

Paddington feels Fine Arts should be an integral component of the curriculum and an essential part of the knowledge children learn during their early years, so we include this exciting subject in our program and your tuition fees.

Neuroscientists are proving that a child’s early engagement in classical music, singing, art and dance create unique brain connections that will have a long-term impact on that child’s life.

Our Fine Arts classes are held daily and provide many opportunities for your little ones to: discover the world of children’s yoga, dance, sing and act in our musicals throughout the year; listen to classical music on a daily basis; discover the orchestra and all its instruments, and learn the basics of social etiquette. They will also draw, paint and replicate some of the masterpieces by Monet, O’Keefe and Van Gogh and then showcase their works of art in our yearly Art Gallery Exhibit!
Children also attend field trips to the following:
Concerts at Jones Hall, Drama at Main Street
Theater, and Art Exhibits at the
Museum of Fine Arts.
Classical Music Orchestra
Visual Arts Etiquette
Dance, Movement, Yoga
Drama Singing

This is a very important subject that is often overlooked! Good manners are key to your child’s social success and are beneficial for the rest of their lives.

For children to be successful in life, they need to have social skills as well as academic skills. If children learn polite and caring behavior while they are young, they will continue to use good manners and become more socially aware as they get older. When you teach children to be respectful, you instill good values like kindness and consideration which are the building blocks of good manners. Between the ages of 2 and 5 your preschool child is most receptive to learning the rules of polite conduct.

Teaching a child what behavior is expected of them is a daily process. Paddington teaches Etiquette on a daily basis with a more intensive class each week covering subjects from answering the telephone to table manners.