Monthly Surprises

Each month Paddington adds surprises that enrich our program, increase the joy of learning 
and solidify the foundation that we are building for your children.
Special events, guest visits, musical performances and field trips are sprinkled generously 
throughout the school year to keep interest high and learning alive. Children will enjoy 
everything from Music Recitals, Ronald McDonald and Snow Day.

 Another addition to the Paddington uniqueness is our children’s library. We believe in early literacy and do all we can to encourage a love for books and reading that will last a lifetime. Our library sessions include quiet reading and exploring our beautifully illustrated books, story time with characters, flannelboards and puppet shows!

Each year Paddington holds a “Salute to the USA” Musical Graduation Ceremony for
our Kindergarten students. Invite your entire family to join our celebration and bring
your cameras!