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Paddingtons Unique Philosophy was featured in a
movie, "Through Your Eyes", shown worldwide and
featured on The Dr. Phil Show.
Your Houston News

Santa ushers in holiday season with 29th Lighting of the Doves performed by Paddington Performing Arts

Paddington British School Summertime Explorers

Students from the Paddington British Private School, participated in the Bounce for Autism at Pump It Up in The Woodlands benefitting the Autism Society of America
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Houston Women Magazine

Nicolette Hardwicke named Evolving Eve

Woodlands Lifestyles and Homes

Paddington’s Casino Gala Night

Nicolette Hardwicke awarded an
Achievement Award for her dedication
to children.

Nicolette Hardwicke pictured with H.R.H. Prince Charles after a dance performance at the Royal Opera House.

Nicolette Hardwicke pictured with Actor Peter Sellers
on the set of his last movie.

Nicolette has also had the honor to work with celebrities such as; Sean Connery, Michael Cain, Donald Sutherland, Leslie Ann Down, Michael Crichton and Yul Brenner!

Business Spotlight: A Storybook Garden School.

Nicolette Hardwicke was
presented with the American Flag
by Lincoln Jones III.

Former Paddington Students

Students collect gifts for Needy
Salvation Army children

It's a Bug's Life guest appearance by
the Famous Blue Ant.

Galaxy of the Stars Guest Appearance

Guest Appearance by Winnie the Pooh
Nicolette Hardwicke, Owner/ Founder of the Paddington British Private School is seen with the Kindergarten Class. On behalf of the school she donated a full scholarship to the In The Pink Organization for Breast Cancer valued at $10,000
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