Philosophy Goals/Mission

The child of today is the adult of tomorrow, so we consider every moment of time with your child as a precious opportunity to nurture and shape their future.

This early educational experience occurs during a time of the greatest human growth and learning of our lifespan – from birth to 5 years of age. Since all children’s foundations for learning are laid during this timespan, it is essential to provide the child with a preschool that implements an academic and fine arts curriculum as rich and as strong as Paddington’s.

Psychologists and educators have long recognized the impact of early experiences on a child’s intellectual and emotional development. Now, through technological advances, neuroscientists are proving that a child’s early engagement in classical music, singing, art and dance has even more significance than we previously believed, because these experiences create unique brain connections that will have a long-term impact on that child’s life.
We believe in developing both the academic and the artistic sides of the child’s brain and are committed to educational excellence.

We also believe that our teachers can better meet the academic needs of their children if all preschool classes are divided into younger and older age groups.

We would like to provide your child with the best foundation and knowledge available and a love for learning and school that will last a lifetime.

  • To give your child the essential educational and artistic foundations for an enriched life by promoting interactive learning and encouraging the construction of knowledge;
  • To provide a service to families who believe that an exciting and accelerated academic and fine arts curriculum taught during the preschool years is essential to their child’s education, future achievements, learning and development;
  • To create a loving learning environment that will nurture your child to their fullest potential and instill in them a love for coming to school that will last a lifetime; and
  • To continue providing a school of superior quality for children ages 1–6 in The Woodlands community.

    Our mission is being achieved as each year numerous
    children graduate from Paddington and are accepted
    into the acclaimed John Cooper School, a Woodlands’
    private college preparatory school.