About Paddington British Storybook Garden School

Welcome to the Paddington British Private Preschool and Kindergarten. Paddington is privately owned and has been enriching the lives of children since 1989.
Our Storybook Garden School is a “one of a kind” child-appealing campus nestled among three acres of trees and gardens in the heart of The Woodlands. It is sprinkled with themed cottage classrooms, a discovery zen garden, nature walk, a butterfly garden, a child-size train, a vegetable garden, three playgrounds, a sports field, and a labyrinth! Inside you will find science and computer labs, dance room, library, gym, music room and art studio. Our unique school is where your little one’s educational journey begins with very skilled teachers helping to develop a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

Paddington’s exceptional advanced academic curriculum, created from aspects of the British system, is enhanced by our Fine Arts program which includes classical music, orchestra, dance, movement, visual arts, foreign languages and etiquette, providing a superior well-rounded education to maximize your child's potential.

I encourage you to visit our school and discover the difference this delightful setting, and this dynamic and diverse syllabus makes to your children. See how excited they are to be here in this nurturing wonderland that inspires their natural curiosity, fosters their self-esteem, while providing stimulation for their developing minds and laying a strong foundation for future learning success.

Thank you for your interest in Paddington, and we look forward to the possibility of sharing in the development and guidance of your child.

Nicolette Cullen-Hardwicke